Consultations and analysis

  • Consultations of new technologies, standards and trends.
  • Brainstorming for developing your business strategy, brand or offer.
  • We provide a comprehensive analysis in the field of websites and e-shops.
  • Consultation varying with levels of expertise and on various topics.
  • Audit and review of the work of your agency or freelancers - independently check whether they are doing the job that you pay them for. Supervision during the innovations.
  • Our specialists can advise you in the field of network and computer security..
  • Consultation in the field of Internet and ordinary advertisement and web presentation.
  • Consultancy in the field of website optimization (SEO) is our speciality.
  • We will help you with technical problems of the website or with the various types of penalties.
  • Testing of the web usability, web accessibility and its business effectiveness.
  • Analysis of the customer behaviour on the web including the analysis of a heatmap - a colored map, that showing the level of interaction of the visitors and that can be shown on your website.
  • Preparation of project and tender documentation.